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Here's a bit about me:

Malcolm Gurley - Leadership Trainer

With over 30 years of experience with fortune 100 companies, I’m helping leaders, and their companies, achieve new levels of success. Leadership training is a crucial component of any business. It ensures confidence across the board by demonstrating your ability to understand the operations and issues that face every facet of the company.

My expertise includes building out and implementing productivity improvement plans as a Senior Executive with international experience in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As a representative of LMI Canada, the industry leader in productivity improvement and leadership development, I will work directly with you and your organization to achieve success in specific high-impact areas.

My Approach

I’ll work directly with you to establish high impact areas for productivity improvement, refine goals and objectives, and step through a proven program over the course of several weeks with spaced working sessions to achieve results that stick. These changes are realized quickly and continuously build and improve through to the end of the program.

Goals are established for both business-related areas and personal leadership development. Therefore, positive outcomes impact both your organization and the personal outcomes of leaders who go through the program. In fact, the impact is not only realized for each person going through the program but there will be a cascading impact to other employees in your organization.

A Bit About Me.

As much as I’m a professional by nature, I’m not without having many personal interests. My major hobbies include music (a huge Led Zeppelin fan), sports, cooking, traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending time with family!

Having personal interests are very important to living a happy and balanced life, which is vital to being a successful professional.

Too much work can lead to burnout that will hinder your mind and body from functioning at its very best


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